• James Hewlett

Change Of (non)Plans

So you know that list of things to do tonight I made? Yeah that wasn’t necessary.

I took my time with work, I was in no rush to finish and then after work I did the same with my work out; I did everything but I did it all at a leisurely pace and had a nice soak in the tub after.

I’ve been hearing incredible things about the Bong Joon Ho movie Parasite since it first released in the US. Whether it be a film critic or write I have a lot of respect for or a comedian or just a random person who has seen the film, the praise has been universal. I don’t put much stock in awards these days but it winning the Best Picture Oscar on Sunday night was kind of the epitome of all of that praise and I finally figured I would check it out....

But then plans changed. I got a message from a friend and went out. I can watch a movie any time, I had an awesome night.

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