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Change Of Plan

I had arranged to go for a beer and catch up with Teesh this evening over chicken wings at Brewdog, but when I got there they were full to the limited capacity they’re currently operating under. From talking to them they have been for the last few days thanks to the governments fifty percent off food scheme.

I head round the corner to another little bar I like and tried to give Teesh the heads up. Her phone had died on the way back from Brighton though so we unfortunately didn’t get to figure anything out. It was alright though, we both were hungry and if we couldn’t get the dope wings from Brewdog I know I at least would rather just wait. So we rearranged for Monday and actually booked in advance just in case too.

It was nice to just get out of the house for an hour or so. It’s been a weird one today, I’ve wanted to have my door open as it was so warm and muggy but the wind was whipping up a storm and not doing my chillis any favours. I’ve been quite content just playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey most of the day though. And yes, that is my character hanging from the penis of a statue of Zeus because I am in fact 12.


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