• James Hewlett

Change of Plans

Slight change of plans today meant that I didn’t end up doing the thing I was going to write about.

I did watch an awesome documentary though; Three Identical Strangers.

I’d heard about this film at the end of last year when it first came out in the US and thought it sounded fascinating so when I saw it was available on Netflix I moved it up to the top of my list.

You’ve probably guessed the premise by the title but the documentary is about three brothers, separated very early in their lives and adopted by three different families only to discover each other again completely by chance twenty years later.

I would love to say lots more about it but I don’t want to give anything away. I’ll tease with the fact that the story of them being discovering each other is far from the most interesting part of their story. It takes some dark turns and left me equally heart warmed and angry.

It’s well worth checking out though. Super well made and engaging throughout.

This one has gone up late again but oh well, I’m not worried! Tomorrow’s (which is actually today’s) will likely be up late too as I’m hopefully playing D&D with the gang this evening via video chat!


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