• James Hewlett

Cheezus Christ

This evening Rutter and I raged against the machine in the most hipster way possible. We said fuck you I won’t do what you tell me to the government and finally made use of the voucher my mum bought me against ago for a beer tasting with cheese pairings at Brewdog.

It was a bit weird because I’m in that often enough to be on friendly, first name basis with all the staff and I not only know all of the beers already, I’ve been to plenty of brewery tours and tasting sessions that the basic info they give isn’t new to me.

But with that said, I always enjoy the experience and it’s a fun time! I like seeing how different people present and you always do pick up a bit of new information.

After chatting to Rich, the manager, yesterday and with the current situation going on globally he wasn’t expecting a big turn out but surprisingly all ten people who were booked showed up. They’re running skeleton crew at the moment as other than for things like this business is dead across the board for those types of places so he was the only member of staff on and did a great job of running the whole thing.

Bringing Rutter along was great too, not only did it give us a chance to shoot the shit and catch up but as he’s not much of a drinker at all all the information was brand new to him!

The whole thing was really good and as it is very likely to be the last bit of socialising I do out and about for a while as we all should be curbing any unnecessary interactions, it was a nice way to see that off for the time being.

The cheese was super good too!


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