• James Hewlett

Chris Wesseling

I was having a good time playing games, having drinks and socialising on zoom tonight when news came through on our fantasy football group chat that Chris Wesseling, one of the hosts of the Around The NFL podcast than many of us listen to multiple times a week, had passed away.

Chris was just 46 years old, married in the last couple of years and became a father last year.

He had battled and beaten cancer once a few years ago only to discover it came back shortly after the birth of his son.

His appearances on the podcast after that became sporadic, obviously, but he would pop back on throughout the regular season. It was obvious to anyone listening he was much weakened but it never stopped his positivity. Whenever he talked about his cancer, which it turns out had spread to his lungs by the time of his death, it was about how he was going through the processes and working on getting better.

The good ones are always gone too soon. Chris Wesseling, by all accounts, was one of the best ones. My thoughts are with his family and those close to him.

The timing of it, just before the super bowl, is heartbreaking too. I don’t envy the rest of the heroes (their tongue in cheek term for themselves) who will have to be working this weekend and reporting on the game. That’s going to be a tough show to listen to on Monday morning.

Rest in peace Chris.


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