• James Hewlett

Clone Wars/Disney+

Disney’s streaming service that launched in the US is finally available here in the UK at the end of March and they’ve opened up preorders allowing people to set up their account at a cheaper price ready for when it launches. The other thing it means is that those of us with a VPN can use our login to jump onto an American server and access all the content already available over there.

That means that I’ve been able to watch the new episodes of The Clone Wars final season each week as they drop without any hassle.

Doing that, and having watched The Mandolorian when it first dropped, inspired me to go back to older seasons of The Clone Wars and cherry pick a few episodes and arcs that I’ve either never seen as I didn’t follow every episode of that show originally, or can’t remember and have some connection to other material I am more familiar with.

I’m impressed with not only the older stuff but just how good these new episodes are. It makes me excited to see what the presumed Rebels follow up series speculated for the end of this year will be.

The other content of Disney+ is excellent too, it’s a robust library mixed with classics and original content. Hopefully there won’t be too much locked up behind licensing deals when it launches over here in a few weeks. Even if some of the newer movies and former Fox content is held up by Sky the sheer amount of original content coming from Star Wars and Marvel makes the service worth it alone.


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