• James Hewlett

Close But No Cigar

A’ight, the Colts just lost another butt clenchingly close game. I don’t know if I can handle this all season! We’ve won most of them but no game has been easy.

Due to that I’m not going to write much tonight.

I had a real chilled out day, I actually had a pretty indulgent day. I got all my work outs done first thing and then, as I hit all goals for the week and passed a big overall goal, I decided I’d earned a proper cheat day in terms of what I eat. So I’ve been grazing on some tasty, terrible for me, food all day and having a few drinks too. There has been football on all afternoon because of the London game and I’ve enjoyed watching and eating and drinking.

Speaking of the London game, I was offered a ticket to today’s game at a ridiculously cheap price and was this close to taking it but decided to be sensible and not in the end.

I’d have loved to have gone but I’d have wanted to drink if I was going and if I was to do that it would have meant two twenty pound cabs, one fifty pound train ticket, the game ticket and then beer and junk food money on top. If I didn’t drink I’d have to pay fuel costs, twenty five pounds minimum for parking and not much cheaper soft drink and junk food costs plus not having as much fun as the teams playing were both divisional rivals who I’d like to see lose.

That’s it, that’s all I got. I’m bummed out the Colts lost so I’m going to post this then go read comic books in bed to sulk. Yo, wearing clothes in bed is fucking weird! I did it last night as my tattoo is super fresh and gunky and in a place I can’t really avoid it getting on my sheets and I don’t fancy changing and washing them daily, but as someone who’s been a naked sleeper for about twenty years, falling asleep in my own bed with any sort of clothes on was weeeeeeird! I only ever do that if I’m drunk and crashing on a sofa somewhere.

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