• James Hewlett

Colts Football

I’ve not talked about football much this season. I’ve been enjoying watching the Colts games and keeping an eye on red zone to follow all the action from the other games each week though. I’ve even been doing well in fantasy football for the first time in a few years.

Despite all that I still have massive reservations about how I feel about there being a season this year and while there hasn’t been massive amounts of cases coming out of the games there has been enough for a good number of teams to be effected and scheduling changes be made.

But tonight I really just want to focus on the Colts Bengals game I watched earlier on.

I had a bad feeling coming into this game and genuinely expected us to lose despite having a much better team on paper than Cincinnati.

Our run of wins this season so far haven’t felt overly convincing and while our defence has been mostly excellent the offensive side of the team has left a lot to be desired. We’re missing our lead running back due to an injury sustained week one which has put a lot of pressure on the rookie we drafted in the second round. He’s good and shows a lot of promise but is still young and developing at the pro level. Ideally he’d have had a full year or two under our more veteran back to help him become even better.

Our wide receiver core hasn’t lived up to its potential but I am hesitant to put the blame on them. Our number one receiver has been coming back from an injury and has yet to find his groove but the biggest problem is their familiarity with the quarterback.

Philip Rivers joined the roster in the off season after playing sixteen years with the Chargers, mostly in San Diego. He’s a vet who has had a lot of success in his years but never quite reached the pinnacle. Many thought he would retire when the Chargers moved on from him but he still felt he had more to offer a team looking for an experienced leader.

After seven weeks I am still very unsure about his abilities to lead us to a winning season. He’s still extremely talented but has made too many poor decisions leading to turnovers and costing or nearly costing us games each week, putting pressure on our defence to step up and save it.

That happened today against the Bengals.

The visiting team got off to an early lead going up 21-0 against us by the second quarter. I was ready to write the game off and actually stopped focusing on it and played some Squadrons online with Ed while having the game on my tablet.

We started to make a comeback though, scoring back to back touchdowns and Rivers was proving that he is still a force to be reckoned with when he’s in his groove.

By the start of the fourth quarter the score was 27-28 in our favour.

I thought it was over when we were driving toward the red zone and Rivers threw a terrible pick and set the Bengals up with good field position. With not a lot of time left on the clock they only needed a field goal to take the lead and a touchdown would force us to score one of our own to have a chance at victory.

We got incredibly lucky when the Bengals kicker hit the upright on a field goal attempt and we regained control. We didn’t find the end zone but a field goal set us up with a four point lead and an interception by our defence on the subsequent drive sealed the victory.

Needless to say my butt was clenched tightly though out the final few minutes but it was an exciting victory and one of those moments that remind you why you love the sport.

I’m still sceptical about the ethics of having a season this year but I am enjoying watching football every Sunday night. It wouldn’t be fall/winter without it.


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