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Comfort Watching

I’ve found myself really leaning toward watching fluff in the few hours during the day before going to work. Just easy watching, nice and friendly shows.

I think it is partially because I know I still have the majority of my day ahead of me and I don’t want anything to heavy that will either feel like a whole lot to think about or leave me wanting more. I also think it is a continuation of what I found last year.

Everything was so uncertain with almost every aspect of mine, and a lot of other peoples, life that I barely watched anything new. Instead I was content to revisit old favourites that I knew already. There wasn’t a surprise waiting around the corner, some big new horror about to be inflicted upon us. If something wasn’t working out, I already knew how it would be resolved.

I have started watching new things again in the last few months and I am really enjoying it. I had missed the joy of not knowing what’s coming and getting to know new characters, but between Superstore and Kim’s Connivence I definitely and leaning toward what I was class as fun but disposable sitcoms as opposed to heavy dramas and prestige TV.

Even the new shows that at a bit deeper, like WandaVision or the latest season of The Expanse, have a bit of a safety net to them as I am so familiar with those characters from years of watching or reading them in other material.

It’s still such a weird time, but I am getting bored of saying that too... it’s not weird, it’s normal, normal just happens to be different to how it used to be.


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