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Comics In The Dark

I just sat in the relative dark, listening to early two thousands rock music reading Star Wars comics on my tablet for ages and I didn’t plan on doing any of that!

I popped up to start running the OS update on my laptop but quickly found myself just comfortably sat on my office chair with my feet up on my desk, I’m not sure what spurred the old music, but once I had that playing I figured I’d stay out while the update was running so I grabbed my tablet and decided to catch up on some comics. It was cool, it felt like how I used to read comics years ago, in a different house but a similar position with probably similar music playing.

I could have turned a light on, I’ve put my old bedside lamp behind my laptop stand and it gives a really nice back lighting to the room, but I was enjoying to peacefulness of the darker room. It was really nice.

My phone was still downstairs because I hadn’t intended to stay up there so I wasn’t looking at that, my computer was updating so I couldn’t look at that and the only thing I had open on my tablet was the comic book. I liked it and think I might start making more time to switch off from everything and do that regularly.

That’s all I have for tonight. I don’t need to be up early for anything tomorrow but I’m feeling quite tired so I’m going to try and get a good nights sleep and just let my body as mind reset and have whatever rest it needs in the morning. I’ll probably be up early still, but if I’m not, I’m not going to feel like I’ve wasted any time.


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