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Community Service

I don’t have anything interesting today... I thought I did earlier but then got sidetracked and can’t remember what it was.

There’s a solid chance that that was yesterday though and I wrote it. The concept of time is meaningless now.

I’ve been rewatching Community since Lost finished. It’s an excellent sitcom that gives me such fond memories of the time it was at its peak and the group of friends I was hanging out with all the time would be quoting it constantly.

I haven’t felt a desire to watch it again since then as it felt too tied to that specific time but now that it’s all on Netflix, is easily bingeable and can just be on while I’m doing other bits and pieces I’ve found myself really enjoying it again.

A lot of people have been it seems and it has been cycling through podcasts and news outlets again for the first time in a few years. There’s even talk that the long joked and hinted about movie to finish it off may happen.

Today was the day that some things started reopening and from my experience going to Asda, it seems like the first day some people have ventured out. The shop seemed a bit busier than it has recently and I think they’ve let more people in at a time. Many of those people don’t seem to be aware of the etiquette of grocery shopping these days, or they’ve just given up on it. It was a shame to see and made me very glad to have my face mask and the ability to make use of the sanitiser in store.

It’s a funny feeling; I know I’m perfectly healthy, I’m certain I’ve already had and beaten COVID but I will still always be careful and cautious. Sure there are reports of reinfections being possible but that’s not at all why I’m doing it. It’s not for my personal health and well-being, it’s for those I come in contact with and to try to set some sort of example for anyone else who may be paying attention.

My closest friends and I have a great podcast idea percolating and I’m really eager to make progress with it and get it started as soon as possible. The only problem is not having my laptop functional at the moment. I’m still keeping the creativity juices going with it though by writing a plan and loose script for the intro and things. I can’t wait to start recording. More information will be announced when it’s closer to real, I’ve talked about projects too early before and the idea has been taken before I could. Almost certainly not from me directly, but I can’t help but feel that when it does.

Catch ya later Bill & Ted.


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