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Cooking and Cleaning

I had another mix of productive, relaxed and social today. I feel like I’m killing it with these days off, I’m a big fan.

I didn’t have any set specific plans for the day so it started off like any other but one of my closest friends who I haven’t seen in ages, and has been vaccinated already, asked if we could hang out when she got home from work and if I fancied cooking my famous pad thai.

I never have a problem with doing that and it has been a while too so I was more than happy to oblige.

During the day though, for some reason, when I took my bin bags out for collection I decided to give the cupboard under my sink where my bin lives a good scrub. It was pretty filthy and has been for ages. It was pretty much all just tea stains from my ex wife’s inability to get a tea bag in the bin or letting it overflow, so it didn’t take much effort to clean it up. I was on a roll then though so decided to do a bigger job I’ve been putting off for ages and clean my oven. I’ve had a decent spray cleaner for ages but I just always forget about it until it comes time to actually use the thing, I don’t particularly fancy cooking right before or after cleaning it so it gets delayed. Today though I knew I’d have no use for the oven so I gave it a good scrub and cleaned it up as best I could.

I feel good about getting bits like that done. Just niggling jobs that are by no means life altering or wholly essential but feels good to be done.

I had a nice couple of hours chilling out, listening to records and reading new comics today too, I’ve not done that on a Wednesday in years!


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