• James Hewlett

Cooking Up Ideas

I cooked up another one of my Hello Fresh meals this evening, satay style beef. There was something so incredibly satisfying about making everything. I really am loving the service.

I can’t justify having it all the time but I think I am going to get at least one box a month, even if it is only a two or three different meals.

I like the fact the selection is always changing too. Hell this is starting to sound like an ad read.

In fact, I have started looking at seeing if they would like to sponsor the podcast.

They do advertise on a lot of shows and while I don’t think ours is big enough yet for them to back completely, they do have an affiliate programme that we could sign up to and hopefully benefit from. Even if it just means a slight discount for us if we were to place orders ourselves, I’ll take it!

The same applies for Audible too. They advertise a lot and it is another service I’m a big fan of.

I would be happy to plug those two and could speak passionately and honestly about my enjoyment of them both.

I’ll be honest, I’d take on any sponsorship for the podcast but if it’s something I can personally feel good about plugging, then that would feel morally good too.

Short update today, but I’m very full and going to try and get a good nights sleep. I’m giving blood tomorrow! Night.


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