• James Hewlett

Corellian Connection

Did I write about my love of the Star Wars planet Corellia already or did I just plan to and never get to it? I can’t remember.

I’ve been playing Squadrons a bunch and really love it, space combat has always been the more exciting aspect of Star Wars for me over the lightsaber duels and I think that’s why characters like Wedge and Han have always been my favourites.

The connection between those two goes beyond them both being orphaned kids who joined the imperial naval academy only to defect or get kicked out and eventually end up heroes of the Rebellion, they both call the planet Corellia home.

This major system was referenced way back in ‘77 by Han Solo himself and featured prominently in novels and comics for years and years. It wasn’t until 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story though that we got a glimpse of the planet in a live action movie.

I’m thinking about this now and I’m sure I’ve written about this before so I’m going to skim back over it instead of rewriting everything.m

Basically, they shot a lot of the plates for the planet over Southampton docks.

The fact that one of my favourite planets is shot so close to my house is one of those weird coincidences that just makes my connection to the franchise I love even stronger.


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