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I really want to stay on top of writing and everything else now that I’m back and healthy. It’s a weird feeling but it feels a bit like a fresh start kind of thing. I’m back to writing at least a draft of the days blog post on my phone while I take a break, if I manage to take a break, at work. The only problem is I can’t for the life of me think of what to write about today so this might just be a rambling collection of thoughts.

All right, let’s talk coronavirus, covid-19 or whatever you want to call it.

I wish people would chill the fuck out.

It’s not good, it’s clearly highly infectious and people should be aware of what to look out for, cautious of hygiene and careful about not spreading anything unnecessarily.

What they should not be doing is panic buying toilet roll, hand sanitisers, canned food and bottled water. That’s some next level hysteria right there perpetuated by reckless media outlets drumming up fear for profit.

That’s my personal stance on it. And I say that as someone who is pretty damn certain he had it.

I’ll say this now that I’m back and healthy again as I’ve not mentioned it publicly before on purpose because of said panic, I am fairly sure I had the coronavirus. I didn’t get tested for it, when I went to the doctors in the middle of my sickness it was a few days before they started testing anyone with multiple symptoms of it and due to the fact that I’m a thirty two year old healthy man who hadn’t travelled recently and hasn’t been sick in the best part of a decade, they wrote it up as a viral respiratory tract infection. But with all the similarities and the timing of it I think there’s at least a very good chance that’s what it was.

And you know what, I got better! Sure it sucked, I was coughing so much it tore my throat and vocal chords up that blood was coming out and I still don’t have my voice back, but it was and is for everyone just a nasty flu!

I’m not saying that I had it as bad as some, if I did it was probably on the lighter side of it, but at no point did I ever feel worried. Unless you’re very old or have other serious health problems it is something that, even if you do get infected, you’ll get over just like any other illness.

New does not have to be this scary!

That old people thing has just reminded me of something though.

Bare with me here, I told you today’s might be a bit rambling but there is a relevant point.

Due to the nature of my job I’m always on the move, travelling from here to there. When I need to use the toilet, which is fairly regularly because of the amount of water I drink, my options are either at a customers or a public toilet. If it’s a regular customer and I know the toilet is easily accessible I’ll go for that option but I do use a fair number of public toilets and you start to make weird observations; like how Swanage and Wareham have ridiculously clean ones and their hand wash stations are a three in one job that feels one step removed from the sea shells from Demolition Man, or that KFC toilets all have the exact same layout and urinal that is out of order or that every Tesco toilet has a ceiling tile either missing or dangling.

The other observation I made is the old men, I’m talking the sixty five plus crowd here, are the fucking worst when it comes to not washing their hands! Every single time, they’ll finish their business and then shuffle on out into the world spreading their nasty ass shit (not literal... I hope) around with them!

Wash your damn hands people. It should not be something you think about. It should just be a part of the toilet going experience.

The reason this popped into my head today was because of that same fact I mentioned earlier; the only people who should be concerned with catching this virus are old people. But you know what, I’m going to find it really damn hard to feel sympathetic if some geezer goes toes up because he didn’t bother washing his hands after using a public toilet! If he doesn’t do it that you can be damn sure he doesn’t do it at any other time of day.

That’s my little rant over I think. I assumed I would ramble about a few topics but this one has gone long enough and has stuck to a general theme. It’s convenient when that happens, like a Bob Ross happy accident turned into a tree. Alright you can stop typing now James you’re losing it and people will start to think you’re still sick.

I need a haircut.


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