• James Hewlett

Creative Jealousy

I don’t tend to suffer from FOMO very much, the fear or missing out isn’t something I stress about because the vast majority of the time if I’m not doing something it is because o have chosen not to. Even when that thing turns out to be rad and I didn’t get to participate in it I can rationalise with myself that I was the one who decided not to therefore I shouldn’t be upset about not doing it.

It’s not a one for one comparison, but I do suffer from creative jealousy sometimes. That feeling of, “Oh shit, that’s such a great idea I wish I had thought of/done that first!”

Again, it isn’t overly common, but when I does it is a weird sensation.

Most of the time I’m excited the thing exists and I want to tell people about it, share the experience and hope that everyone else enjoys it too. There is also that small part of me that is hyper critical of it because if it was an idea I would have perused I would have done X,Y or Z differently and would hope that my version was better.

It comes up most often with podcasts, mostly because that is the medium in which I feel the most strongly about actually being creative and doing it myself, but occasionally a book, tv show or movie will pique the same bug.

I have it at the moment with a new podcast that just started and within five minutes of listening to it I had to phone Ed and gush about it. We’re on a very similar wavelength creatively and often bounce ideas off each other.

It’s that shared creativity, not just with Ed but Mitchell too, that is the backbone of The Lonely Boiz and what drives me to keep it growing. It’s not just a silly name for some friends based off self deprecating humour and wrestling analogies, it’s a creative troupe that I want to do more and more with.

Hopefully there will be more soon. Until then, keep checking back here every day for more of my personal BS.


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