• James Hewlett

Creature of Habit

I like my routines, I like the consistency of everything, it sounds super boring to say out loud but I really find it helpful to stay motivated and on task. I very rarely find myself ever in a position of being bored these days. It started a few years ago when someone I greatly admire explained that he never gets bored because he always has something to do. It doesn’t always have to be something productive, but knowing what you’re going to do; whether that is going to work, going to the gym, playing video games, reading a book, going somewhere or whatever it is, prevents those down times when boredom creeps in. Keeping that kind of mentality is what has led to me being very dedicated to the things I do, something multiple people have told me they admire about me and I’m always flattered to hear. It also leads to a lot of routines and I have become a creature of habit because of that.

I think I’ve kept it pretty free flowing and easy going though, I’m not so rigid in any of my regular activities that I can’t adjust on the fly. Thats been important for me as I’ve seen first hand how detrimental that kind of behaviour can be to yourself and those around you. Adaptability is another one of those traits I like to think I am pretty good at.

Sometimes those adaptions to a routine are temporary or one off but they also can be adjusted to a more regular basis too. One of those lately for me has been the boring household chores I used to do on a Saturday. Things like laundry, left over washing up, general tidying up and if needs be a small food shop. These used to be things I would do on a Saturday to keep me busy but as most of the time I’ve not been spending my Saturdays at home I’ve started doing those bits and bobs on a Friday after work.

It’s worked out pretty well too as by the time I get home, work out and do all of those things I’m ready to crash out in front of some tv or a movie and don’t have any inclination to have a few drinks. Something I’ve talked about doing when I was getting regularly bummed out on a Friday evening. It’s not that I’m keeping myself busy and preventing those thoughts either. I’m not feeling that way at all because I’m looking forward to the weekend and spending time with the best people.

I can't help but think of the quote from the end of Wayne's World 2 when he's talking the the ghost of Jim Morrison;

"Right, its like coming home on Friday night and doing your homework right away so that your Saturday night is free to just party."

It is kind of funny that I’m writing this post which is for Friday on Sunday while catching up with a few entries. Writing daily is one of those habits I am usually great at keeping up with but sometimes even when I have an idea, like I did with this post, I just need to let it breath a little bit before I write it. After Thursdays pretty heavy post I also wanted to give myself a little break. Back to it now though!

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