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Date Night? Eugh.

I went on a date tonight, first one in quite a while in fact.

I had a bunch earlier this year, but over the summer, pretty much since I had a first-date-that-wasn’t-a-date-but-totally-was-a-date while I was sat exactly where I am right now typing this out, I haven’t been on any ‘dates.’

Not first dates at least.

Fuck, it was weird jumping back in to that again.

I should say up front that I wasn’t even particularly looking for this date. I signed back up to tinder a couple of weeks ago because, quite frankly, I was bored and kind of just wanted to get laid. I matched with someone I had matched with months ago but hadn’t gotten around to meeting before deleting my account. So I started talking with her and she seemed nice.

We arranged to meet up and go out this evening for a drink. We both have early starts so it was never going to be a late night or anything, but a drink and getting to know each other a little better is no bad thing.

I don’t know if it was a case of her being nervous, me not being in a place where I even really want to date anyone else at the moment, no connection, a combination of those or something else entirely but I very much doubt there will be a second date.

I felt like I was being interviewed the whole time! She was cute, seemed like a nice and interesting person, but my god she was intense.

Maybe I’m just out of practice but I honesty felt like I’d walked into an interview I didn’t know I was having. She was very intense, with a mix of questions and asking me if I had questions. At one point she said to me, “Do you have any questions for me?” And I was at a loss. In my mind I was thinking, “Shit girl, can we not just have a conversation!?” But I didn’t say that.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky in the past. Maybe I’m just out of practice because everything over the summer was SO natural, so effortless, so... I’m getting off topic.

I don’t know. I didn’t get the impression this chick was too interested, but maybe that’s because I wasn’t that bothered going into it. Who knows.

I’m glad I went. I’m glad I checked to see if I did want to go date again. But if nothing comes of it I am not going to lose a minutes sleep because of it.

If anything it just reinforced what I already knew.

But hey, I said I was t going to drink at home and I’ve stuck to that. I was already out though so it would have been rude to not pop into brewdog and have a beer wouldn’t it. Night y’all. I’m going to write about HBO’s Watchman series premiere this week, I need to dissect it a bit more first. If you want context of what I’m talking about that’s your homework!

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