• James Hewlett

Day Off 2020 Edition

If yesterday was a day off of working out... despite doing the majority of my normal exercise including three times as many weights as normal, then today is my first full on day off.

I’ve not left the house today and it’s been lovely!

I did my work out as soon as I got up and since then I’ve just chilled out all day long. I watched the second day of New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom event, I caught up on the playoff games from the NFL last night and am currently watching the third of this weekends four games live.

I haven’t really even thought about what to write about today. I know I could have used this time to organise a bunch of stuff and get ahead with some writing, but I’ve enjoyed not doing much and don’t feel lazy or guilty for it. It’s nice that these days are so rare that when I do have them I don’t have that feeling anymore. It used to be very prevalent and the worst part was knowing it was my own fault.

Back to work tomorrow and it should be back to normal after a pretty easy couple of weeks. I think I’ll probably have a relatively early night, or at least get into bed early and read until I fall asleep.

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