• James Hewlett

Day Off Of Overthinking

We’ve all been busy and otherwise occupied this week and haven’t had a chance to record a new episode of the podcast yet. On top of that Ed is bit under the weather as well as going back to work so the episode we recorded last week is taking longer to get finished off. If you’re waiting on the show there should be an episode tomorrow and next week we’ll release something short in lieu of a full one and come back with a vengeance the following week.

Taking a break is okay, tv shows skip weeks so we can too.

I’ve had a legit day off today as we didn’t do any recording and it has been really quite nice. I’ve still got job stuff looming in my mind but I was able to push it to the back a little and enjoy my day. I sat outside and watched a podcast, read some of my book and I played some video games when a bit of rain came down. Then I hung out with a friend for a while this evening. I needed it and feel a lot better for it.

I’m at work tomorrow but after that I’m going to start the hunt in earnest for a new job I think.

The future is very uncertain at the moment, but there’s no point worrying as whatever will happen, will happen.

Oh, last night I was sat outside as it was lovely and warm reading comics and the hedgehog friend who trots about my garden at half ten every night decided to come and sit by me for a while as I read, it was adorable.


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