• James Hewlett

Days Left at 32

As I said the other day, my birthday is coming up on Tuesday. I obviously won’t be doing much socialising in person but I think I’ve got a pretty good line up of fun things to do that should make it a pretty good one.

I think I’ll find out today for sure if I’m on furlough as of next week or not but I’m working under the assumption that I will be. If that’s the case my plan on Tuesday is to set up my laptop with discord open and my camera running and then just play a bunch of different games with people all day as and when people want to drop in and drop out.

Sure there are video games that will almost certainly get played, but that’s not all. I’ve found a few free-to-play digital versions of tabletop party games that I’m looking forward to playing with people. Things like Cards Against Humanity and Werewolf. The best thing is that people just need to use their phones to play. If they have a computer or laptop which they can also use to jump into a video chat as well then great, but it’s not a complete necessity.

I’ve tested out the games and they all play really simply and are a solid approximation of the physical copies. I’m hoping that by doing it this way I’ll be able to see or chat to a bunch of people who may not have usually been able to make it to whatever birthday thing I did, not that I was planning anything anyway!

The other thing that occurred to me with it being my birthday next week is it means that as of yesterday I am officially two and a half years into my three years, six months and five days of writing every day. On Tuesday I will just one year left of this project. I better start thinking of what to do next!? The last one was a year, this one was three and a half... going off that whatever next is going to consume a decade of my life!


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