• James Hewlett

Days Off

I’ve had a lush couple of days off to start this week. I feel like they’ve been the perfect mix of productive, relaxed, creative, social and peaceful. There’s been zero stress, plenty of laughs and if I had one gripe it would be the slight neck ache I have but that is completely self imposed from the over doing it with my workout this morning.

I got confirmation today that I’m going to be guest hosting an episode of a Mandalorian podcast for the coming season, in fact I’ll be the guest of the penultimate episode! I’ve seen the line-up of other guests and while it might not mean a lot to everyone, for someone who listens to a lot of media related podcasts and specifically a couple of Star Wars shows, it’s a venerable who’s-who... and me!

I’m honoured to be included but not intimidated by it. I know Star Wars just as well as anyone who talks about it professionally and am excited to be able to chat about it for an audience.

I can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to be on a specifically Star Wars related podcast to be honest. I’m really excited. Not just about that small fact but that I’m doing more and more shows. This really is my passion, I think I’m good at it, I love doing it and every time a new project pops up I am excited and want to do more.

It’s just a shame that there really isn’t a viable way of making a career out of it at this sort of level. But hey, maybe in time I can build it up to a point of a small secondary income and can do a day-job I don’t have to think about while putting my focus on a passion project.

I cooked up a beautiful Thai pork and rice bowl for lunch today. I love Thai food as is and already am pretty alright at cooking it so this hello fresh recipe was one I was eager to try out and it went down a treat.

The rest of my day I’ve spent chilling out and playing a bunch of Squadrons. I unlocked a cool pilot helmet for doing a certain number of challenges and then jumped back in to some of the early story missions just for a bit of fun.

Multiplayer focused competitive games really aren’t my thing usually but this has truly grabbed me by the balls. I love it. I’ve never had any desire to build a high spec gaming pc, with VR and HOTAS rig before but for this game I would absolutely love to be able to afford such a thing.

Back at work tomorrow just for a day and then I’m off on Thursday as there’s no college for a couple of weeks for half term. I am going to go back over some of the stuff we’ve learned though and making sure I’ve got a solid handle on all the math while my new internet gets installed. But I’ll probably write about that then so I’ll shut up now!

Hasta mañana.


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