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Decade of Travel

I did more travelling in one summer than I had done in multiple years combined in 2009, but that doesn’t fall into this decade so I’m not going to talk about it.

I actually didn’t go anywhere for a couple of years at the start of the twenty tens other than an overnight walk around Paris to see Childish Gambino in the freezing cold January of 2012. The first real trip abroad I took was to Amsterdam in February 2013.

It was freezing cold and I got caught in almost white out snow storms a couple of times but it was fun. I went back in the summer of 2016 with a friends for my bachelor party, I’m told that was a great time too. My main memory is getting set on fire in a strip club and having my own belt used to put said fire out. Hi mum.

The next trip was a bigger one. In 2014 I travelled all over Texas in the space of three weeks. Landed in Dallas, drove straight to Galveston, did Houston from there, moved on down the coast to Port Aransas and then South Padre, from there up to San Antonio via Corpus Christi and into Austin for a week before heading back to Dallas and Fort Worth before flying home. It was an amazing trip. I love Texas and Austin in particular is where I feel most at home out of everywhere I’ve been. I can’t wait to go back next July.

In 2015 I went to my mum and Paul’s place in the south of France for what would be the last time before they sold it and then Budapest for just under a week. Super cool city, I'd love to go back again sometime.

2016 didn’t just have the aforementioned few blurry days in ‘Dam. I also went to Hawaii for three weeks on my honeymoon. If nothing else came from getting married having an excuse to take that trip was worth it. Much like Texas I saw as much of the state as possible island hopping from Oahu to Kauai to Maui to the Big Island and back to Oahu. Each one could be a trip onto itself and the place is out of this world. Oh and I spent a day in Vancouver on the way back too.

Getting closer to the now and in 2017 I went to Croatia. I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed it there as I was expecting it to be just a cheap European trip but it is, unsurprisingly I guess, way more Mediterranean. A couple of day trips, one down to Budapest and another up to the beautiful national park really tipped it off.

And the final place I went away to this decade was last year in 2018 to Marrakesh. It was cool, I enjoyed it enough. But looking back on it now I think the reason I didn’t really love the trip all that much wasn’t due to the place at all.

There was a spur of the moment plan to go to New York last month but due to some stuff coming up it didn’t end up happening, but it’s all good. I already have Austin over July fourth weekend booked for next year so starting a new decade by going back to my favourite city in the world just feels appropriate.

Sorry if this post seemed a little braggy. I honestly was struggling to think of a ‘decade’ post to write for today and I’m procrastinating from doing my Star Wars review that hopefully you saw yesterday.

This is the end of my look back on this decade but don’t worry, starting the day after Xmas I’ll be doing my annual look back on this year specifically and I’ve got some fun stuff lined up! Before then check back tomorrow to see what I come up with to fill the time in between!

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