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Delayed Recording

This morning I got up and did my work out straight away because I knew we were meant to be recording the podcast in the early afternoon and I hadn’t yet watched this weeks episode of the show.

It wasn’t the most convenient time for me to record with the boys but as I had to push last weeks in order to get to my blood donation appointment I was determined to make this one regardless.

Thankfully, the fates and Ed stepped in and because of the storm that hit parts of the UK last night he was the one who proposed pushing till tomorrow, giving me the time I wanted originally myself.

So here I am, having had all day to watch the episode and now a lovely lunch with a friend followed by relaxation by myself and a few drinks later and I still haven’t watched the episode of Boy Meets World I need to for tomorrow’s podcast.

I’m going to rectify that now though. So I’ll wrap this up by saying White Claw is delicious boozy flavoured sparkling water and I’m here for it.

See you tomorrow.


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