• James Hewlett

Dia De Los Muertos

The day of the dead is a really cool tradition. It gets lumped in with Halloween in most countries because of its proximity to that completely separate thing but it is really one of the most wholesome and well intentioned celebrations I can think of, and I think probably because it hasn’t been co-opted and corrupted by the rest of the world is the reason it has remained that way.

I don’t go so far as making an ofrenda or anything, but I do try and think about those I’ve lost. Not in a, oh isn’t it sad they’re gone, type way but in celebration of who they were, what I remember of them and what they’ve passed on either physically, morally, mentally or characteristically. That’s what a real legacy is.

I didn’t plan to on purpose but I ended up making tacos for dinner tonight and I also put on the Pixar movie Coco, which is all about the celebration. It all felt thematic and nice. I don’t ever do shit for Halloween, it’s not my thing, but Dia De Los Muertos is nice and I enjoy it.

Hasta mañana.


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