• James Hewlett


So I went to the doctors this morning for the first time in a very long time. She took a look at me, hesitantly, as it was obvious I was pretty unwell and did some basic checks to presumably make sure it isn’t coronavirus. Her diagnosis is that it is a viral upper respiratory tract infection and that the only thing to really do with it is wait it out. So basic pain meds like I’ve already been taking and time are all that could be prescribed, meaning I’ve been signed off all of next week too.

Don’t get me wrong, I am damn sure going to be certain I’m healthy before going back to work this time but the idea of being off for a whole other week is kind of making me feel stir crazy.

I’ve been filling a lot of my time while doing nothing by cranking through my rewatch of Lost. I had been going one a week along with The Storm podcast but being sick has meant I’ve got pretty far ahead… for context they’re just over halfway through season two and I’m just beginning season five!

I’m really enjoying it though, especially getting into these later seasons that I haven’t seen since the initial airing. I can completely see why the show didn’t work for a lot of people as it went along but I still absolutely love it.


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