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Different Kind Of Stocks

Last night I entertained myself for a while at work by keeping an eye on Xbox Series X stock availability.

It was really stupid and ended up being fruitless, but basically, for the last few weeks Argos have been releasing their supply at 1am on Thursday mornings. Other retailers seem to release at random and it’s like you’re Brody throwing chum off the side of the Orca, you either blink and miss it or catch a glimpse and still don’t catch the shark.

The Argos drops seem to have bend the most reliable so I figured, fuck it, I’m awake and at work anyway, may as well have a look.

So one in the morning rolls around and I’m refreshing the page waiting to see if Currently Unavailable turns into In Stock while also keeping an eye on the comments of an app I’ve got that is supposed to alert users when retailers have availability.

That’s when the website is taken down for maintenance!

Personally, I found it hilarious, it’s one in the morning on a week day, normally site traffic is probably really low so scheduling it for then just makes sense. I’m also not too bothered, sure at this point if I saw one in stock at RRP I’d probably pick one up because they seem like gold dust, but I’m not so desperate. If I wasn’t working I wouldn’t stay up specifically for it!

That’s what made me laugh the most; seeing everyone getting their hopes up only to be disappointed and then moaning they have have to be up for work or school or whatever in a few hours. It’s a fucking games console people, it is not the end of the world.

I love video games, don’t get me wrong, but I am so glad to not be that obsessive about it.

The app is a cool idea though. I’d love a version you can just input any ISBN and it’ll search and alert for you. Hell there probably is, I just don’t care enough to find it!

Really I just want to find stock of that lush Lego bonsai tree, that thing is cool.


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