• James Hewlett


I have a new podcast I’m addicted to. It’s called Dissect and it is a seasonal show that breaks down and analyses and album one track at a time. Each episode of the podcast covers one track of the album.

I’m not interested in going back to the previous seasons of the show as the albums aren’t of interest to me but the current season, the shows sixth or seventh, is going through Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet, an album that is in my personal top five of all time and I’ve written about on here previously and made reference to constantly. Hell, one of the tattoos I got a couple of weeks ago is based off of something from that album.

I love the deep analysis of each track that this podcast does, from the music, to the lyrics and everything else. Because The Internet is fascinating because it is more than just an album in the typical sense of the word, it was an entire multimedia project and the show covered all of that.

It’s the kind of methodically researched and presented show I really enjoy and had begun working on early last year before I was too late pulling the trigger and having my idea done elsewhere. This isn’t the same as what that would have been, but listening to it confirms to me that my idea and the style I wanted to go for would have worked had I been a bit quicker to it.

Dissect is an extremely niche show that is only ever going to have a particular audience, but for this season at least, I am hooked in and look forward to new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.


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