• James Hewlett

Distanced Socialising

Today’s post is up late because I always forget to write something before I start socialising with people on zoom.

I was working last weekend and couldn’t do a games night of any sort and it feel like, despite there being a fairly consistent group with others who come and go, unless it’s one of the three Lonely Boiz who get it organised nothing happens.

As I was not working this weekend I suggested we do something and got the gang together for a few rounds of cards against humanity.

It’s always fun but if you play with the same group and same cards all the time it gets stale quick. Luckily a lot of us had never played together so it was still fresh and a lot of laughs were had.

With there still being no end in sight for various stages of lockdown or the ability to socialise in real life, I love these nights. The group we have is also one that would probably never get together in person anyway as we’re all spread quite far, so somehow being kept apart has bought us closer together!


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