• James Hewlett

Doing It Early

I started my new job at the beginning of the year and as always there’s little life admin things that come along with a change like that. One of those is the switch in when pay day is.

I used to get paid on the twenty eighth of the month, before that it was the last working day. For years I’ve made sure my standing order for my rent goes out on the first of the month, regardless of when it is due. I’ve never had to worry about missing a payment or anything silly like that, it’s just money I didn’t see, it would come in and go straight back out.

The twenty eighth is close enough to the end of the month I never bothered to change it when I started that job and it’s always been fine.

With this job my payday is now the fifteenth of the month. It’s such a weird one, I’ve never had a mid-month pay day before. I hadn’t adjusted my standing order for my rent at first, I wanted to make sure everything was settled in before doing that. Now that it has though I wanted to switch it over so I’m not thinking oooh look at all that money in my account before it gets taken out and I’m possibly left in a lurch.

So I adjusted my standing order to go out the day after my payday, the only thing is that I did that earlier this month and actually ended up paying next months rent already.

My estate agent called me today just to make sure there hadn’t been an error and while it leaves me tight now for a couple of weeks I’m actually really glad I did it.

My next rent payment doesn’t go out until the middle of May meaning that when I get paid in April I won’t have to see it go straight back out again.

I know it isn’t a month off of paying it, but it will feel like it in the moment and I’m weirdly excited about that prospect!

It’s my last night on tonight and I have four whole days off. I’m not back until Tuesday afternoon and I cannot wait for a nice long weekend.

I think I might try and pre-write some posts if I’m feeling particularly engaged, the ones I know I want to write before my daily adventure finishes up. The other night when I wrote my book review and had it up in the early hours was great because I didn’t have to think about writing for the rest of the day.

Wayne: Right, its like coming home on Friday night and doing your homework right away so that your Saturday night is free to just party.

Jim: No I like the way I said it better.

Wayne: OK.


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