• James Hewlett

Domesticated AF

Yesterday I mentioned picking up a couple of bits from the hardware store/garden centre, the main things I was after were some starter bits to start growing things. I’ve wanted to for ages and now feels like the best possible time.

My garden isn’t the best in terms of soil or placement for optimal growing and I’m not so invested that I would keep on top of it, weeding, keeping bugs off and so on, and I didn’t want to over do it for just getting started so I bought a grow in the bucket hot chilli plant and some coriander seeds. The latter are intended to go in regular soil but I bought a small tray and lid instead, just to get keep them safe and get them going until they need to me moved. The chilli plant will be fine as it’s designed to be kept indoors until it is of a good size anyway.

It feels good to get my own stuff growing. I’m only doing things that I use regularly and if this goes well I’ll think about what else I can get going.

Times like these start making people think about how they can be even just a little more self sufficient. It’s not quite ‘The Good Life’ but it’s something.

The other super domestic thing I did today was try out a lush new recipe. I say new, but it’s actually from a book I’ve had for years. I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before because it’s simple and includes all stuff I love.

These shrimp and sweet potato quesadillas come out great though and I’ll definitely be making them again.


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