• James Hewlett

Doors & Corners

So I’ve not really done a whole lot today, but just the simple act of going down to the shop nice. I had a way longer lie in than planned after waking up to pee quite early, but at the moment it’s not something I’m going to be annoyed at because there wasn’t a lot else on my agenda today.

My legs are definitely feeling it from a couple of days of really good, full work outs so chilling out on the sofa this afternoon has been nice for them.

I’ve been watching a ton more of The Expanse. I started the series again last week as a part of my experiment to see if I was still able to enjoy the tv adaptation despite one of the cast potentially being scummy, and it’s so engaging and well done that not only am I able to but I can’t stop.

I’ve been rewatching a lot of my favourite shows throughout lockdown and furlough but I hadn’t planned on this one as my last go through of the series wasn’t that long ago! I guess that’s a testament to its quality though.

Not a lot else to say today really. Fingers crossed that my MacBook will be sorted tomorrow or at least the ball will be rolling on it!


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