• James Hewlett

Doubled It

Today was the first day of lockdown that I’ve doubled my active calories goal.

I’ve hit it every day but I’ve only had it set at 500 as that is a reasonable amount and achievable without going nuts every day.

Today though, thanks to a full work out this morning and a nice hefty walk this afternoon I’ve doubled it and have over 1000 active calories burned.

What else is extra cool about today?

Oh! I watched the SpaceX launch live stream. That was pretty fucking dope, seeing a historic launch go off without a hitch. It’s exciting to think that Mars is likely in my lifetime.

It’s been a pretty lush day all in all. I’m very happy with the tan I’ve got going at the moment too, it’s better than I can remember ever having before. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re not at work every day.

Tomorrow should be fun.


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