• James Hewlett

Down The Hatch

I started watching season two of Lost this evening. I was trying to go week to week along with the rewatch podcast I’ve been listening to but when I fell behind midway through season one I knew what would end up happening... and it did. I went a few weeks without watching any and then got sucked in and watched three or four at a time until I was actually a few weeks ahead and wrapping up the first season.

Man, I am so glad that my love of that show hasn’t faded in the years since I was first deeply involved with the online community surrounding it.

I thought that at the end of the first season I would take a natural break and come back at the end of the year when the podcast starts on season two. They’re taking a break after the hatch is blown open to cover Star Wars in the run up the The Rise of Skywalker.

I found myself unable to resist jumping straight in though. I know what happens! I know that Desmond is down there blasting Mama Cass’s Make Your sown Kind Of Music, but the show is so damn captivating at the end of season one and leading into the sophomore year that I couldn’t stop myself.

It’s funny, concurrently as I’ve been watching Lost through from the start I’ve also been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender again too. I didn’t plan it that way but I’m watching the two shows I consider my absolute favourites at the same time, it’s kind of cool.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. I had a very productive day today and have eaten very well too! Between the lush pancakes with Canadian bacon and maple syrup for breakfast and the delicious Thai pinto sharer for dinner I have a very happy belly right now.

I feel like I earned it though; between my regular full work out, including yoga and everything else, I also mowed the lawn for probably the last time this year if the forecasts of today being the last good day are true, did a big load of laundry and put all that away, cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes I’ve been putting off for a few days... yeah, I’ve been productive. This post has gone up late, but I’m writing it in bed and can’t be bothered with doing all the other bits to get it online tonight. I’m sure you don’t mind.

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