• James Hewlett

Dr. Greenthumb

I completely forgot I hadn’t written anything today, I got everything I needed to do done so early that it just slipped my mind.

It’s kind of a blessing in disguise though, if I’d written something earlier I wouldn’t have had any ideas where as now I can brag about my green thumb!

You may remember that near the start of lockdown, well, more like a little bit into it at the start of the summer I started growing some habanero chillis. They’ve been going well and despite the smaller pot ones desperately wanting more room to grow even bigger I’ve been very pleased with how they’ve been going.

They started producing chillis a little while ago but I’ve just let them do their thing and not plucked any off yet, until today.

The weather here has been horrendous all afternoon and while I’m sure they loved the good natural watering for a bit I didn’t want them to get battered all night long. Inevitably they would get knocked over in the wind and then they’re just begging to be devoured by slugs.

So I bought them in and when I did I decided to pick off the most finished looking chillis! I’m really pleased with the results so far and hope the ones that are still growing and the next harvest will be even better! I don’t have any real plans for them as of yet but I do like a spicy kick to my food so I’m sure they’ll get added to a lot of recipes. Who knows I may even have a go at making my own hot sauce if I get enough!

It’s a really satisfying thing, growing a few silly little chilli plants completely from scratch, I’m really happy with how they’ve gone.


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