• James Hewlett

Draft Day Eve

The day before a fantasy football draft, especially the first one of the year, is nearly always filled with prep work; going over lists, making notes, hustling and dealing with others in the league, research.

This year I haven’t been able to muster a single shit to give about fantasy football and have done precisely zero prep.

I’m still in the two main leagues I’ve been in for a few years now. There the one I run for my friends and I and there’s the far more serious and competitive league that Jamie runs.

This coming season is my last in the latter of those two, I told Jamie this midway through last year and haven’t ever felt the pull to change my mind. I don’t really have a lot of fun with it. Draft day is cool, I’m friends with a few of the guys in it and it’s an excellently run league that is always competitive in a fun way. But it deserves someone who’s going to give it the time, effort and commitment that I simply don’t want to do.

I’d have bowed out of this season except I’m the returning loser and therefore feel the need to at least attempt to try and get enough wins to pass that mantle on to someone else. Regardless of the outcome though I am done at the end of the season.

Then there is our league. The one I run. The one that’s DNA is ten years old and has existed in its current incarnation for half of that this year.

I’m still keeping that going as I do have fun there. Mostly because I’m mates with everyone and it’s a good excuse to chat shit with my friends multiple times a week and maybe even catch up in person a couple of times a year.

It’s competitive, but not as serious as Jamie’s mostly due to its smaller scale.

I wasn’t sure about running it this year as I have very mixed feeling on how I feel about there even being an NFL season, but as that does seem to be going ahead despite a global pandemic still very much being in effect I said fuck it why not.

I’ve not done anything in way of preparations for this season unlike every other year previously but I think the intention is still to have a garden get together in a couple of weeks and hold a draft. We don’t even have a full eight teams this year but I don’t want to bring in someone new to a year that isn’t going to be anything close to how a normal season goes. It’s going to be small scale and I’m thinking of it as a zero stakes season although I’m sure some of the other guys will be putting in all their efforts still. I’m more facilitating and having fun with my friends than actually competing.

So instead of toiling over depth charts today I simply hung out with a friend all day and had a really nice day. Much more my speed this year.


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