• James Hewlett

Ear Worms

Sometimes you can go all day without having an idea about what to write about and then something is dropped in your lap!

Today that spark came from a message out of the blue from a friend with a link to a podcast episode he had just listened to and thought I should check out.

Aaron has good taste and we’ve talked about podcasts we like before, and I had just finished up my days worth of other shows, so I downloaded it and started giving it a listen.

The podcast is called Reply-All and the episode is 158 - The Case of the Missing Hit.

From the jump I thought I knew why he recommended it to me, one of the hosts talks about his being diagnosed with OCD and described it in a way very similar to how my brother experiences it. They then went on to talk about the actual topic of the episode which was about a guy who had contacted him looking for help recalling a late nineties pop-rock song that seemingly only existed in his mind.

I won’t go into full details on how it played out as it’s a fascinating listen and I recommend you all give it a listen, but it dawned on me why Aaron was probably pointing me in that direction. The song in question bares a similar sound to Barenaked Ladies songs of that era and it becomes a recurring theme throughout.

It made me think back to a blog post I wrote a few years ago, must have been relatively early on in the existence of this whole thing, about having a hook of a song stuck in my head all day and trying to figure out what it was. The way I came to it in the end was picturing in my mind where it was in my cd wallets I used to use for work.

The thing is I knew Prayer For The Refugee by Rise Against existed and just had to find it. I have suffered from the same problem as this guy though, hearing a song and then it seemingly vanishing from the face of the earth.

There was a punk rock track on the pirated, unfinished, copy of Tony Hawk Pro Skater for the PS1 that my brother had picked up in Hong Kong back before the game was released. We played the completed levels of that game to death and loved listening to the soundtrack. There were a lot of the same songs we all now associate with that game still on there, most notably Superman by Goldfinger, but there was at least one that didn’t make the cut.

We thought it must have been a regional thing, but years later after checking out completed copies of the game from multiple countries it wasn’t that.

I’ve tried as hard as I can to find No Pants but it doesn’t seem to be real. The only thing I can think of is that it was a temp track possibly recorded by people at Neversoft even when developing the game and hadn’t been removed from that build that we were playing a copy of.

Either that or it was stripped out due to licensing issues, as was prone to happen to skate tapes of that time, and the band never got the break they could have!

Who knows! It’ll probably be one of those unsolved mysteries of my life but I luckily can forget about it for years on end and not obsess over it.

Happy Friday y’all!

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