• James Hewlett

Early Family Xmas Visit

I’m off round to my mum and Paul’s this evening to see them and the pups before Xmas. I’ve also not seen them in ages anyway so regardless of the holidays would have been trying to see them sometime soon anyway.

It’ll be nice to catch up but having to bite my tongue about Star Wars is going to be tough, it’s always fun going through the new movies pointing out bits and bobs and I know Paul will get a special kick out of some moments in this latest flick.

I’m foregoing doing any of the standard family stuff for Xmas this year. It was a choice I made a while ago and as it’s got closer I’ve felt a nice sense of relief about it. It’s not that it’s ever a bad time, but with my sister and her family going round to my mums as well this year I don’t really want that full on level of family Xmas. Seeing them this evening and dropping off the presents I’ve got for my nephew and niece is enough for me this year.

Maybe next year will be different, I’m by no means a total grinch who can’t stand the holiday, but I’m taking it as it comes and this year a nice quiet one is more my speed.

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