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I’m getting some rare morning writing done today as I’ve got a while to kill before my first job of the day. I’m quite grateful for that actually as there is a lot I want to watch this evening!

I talked on Saturday about The Expanse being my favourite show on tv, but I think anyone who has been watching would agree that Watchmen is the best thing not just this year, but in quite some time! The season and possibly series finale aired last night in the US and I can’t wait to check it out.

I’ve also got a few other things to watch and still a couple of episodes of The Expanse to finish up, so instead of going out to write and eat a vegan pizza like I have been doing I think I’m more likely to cook up some veggie quesadillas at home for meat free Monday this week.

Yesterday evening was fun, I was up in London at York Hall for a RevPro show with Pete and Helen. It’s always nice seeing them and we always have a laugh regardless of the wrestling. It was a really good show though! There was no one on the card we’d not seen before but I thought all the matches were solid! You could tell a few of the biggest stars, who have their biggest show of the year coming up in January at the Tokyo Dome, were holding back a little bit to avoid any risk of injury but you can’t hold that against them and they all did great.

I’ve got most of this weeks posts loosely planned out, which is good as it takes the pressure off me thinking, I can just start typing about each topic and see what comes out. Tomorrow will most likely be my thoughts on the Watchmen finale and season on the whole, so come back then for that!

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