• James Hewlett

Easter 2020

You know, ol’ JC wasn’t very responsible was he? Was going clear symptoms; coughing, muscle weakness, probably had a headache he wasn’t telling any of his mates about. Self isolates but after just a couple of days comes out and all like, yeah mate I fine! The disciples didn’t have any PPE!

Disgraceful behaviour. Some may say that was the first of many things the Catholic Church has done wrong for a couple of thousand years, but I won’t turn my joke into a diatribe against organises religion... we’ll save that for another time!

I got quite drunk last night! It started while I was sat in the garden texting with my mum, I have a feeling she was doing the same, but it really kicked in while I was virtually hanging out with Ed and his friends, some of which I’ve met, some I haven’t, for one of them a birthday. It was a fun time and a pleasant distraction from the world.

Today though, after helping out a friend at lunch time, I’ve chilled out.

I did remember to buy an Easter Egg this year, so I’ll be nom nomming on that when I finish with this post and I think I’m going to watch another episode of a new show.

Tales From The Loop recently dropped on Amazon and I had been intrigued by it since the trailer. Actually, I’ve been quite interested in it for much longer. When I worked at the comic shop an art book came out with some really cool visuals. Beautifully painted scenes of every day life... and robots. You’ve probably seen one or two of the pieces by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag as they’ve been very popular for a number of years now. The style inspired in part the visual identity of the board game Scythe amongst other things.

There was no plot in the art book though, so when I heard Amazon were developing it into a show I was confused and a bit hesitant but knew that it would look very pretty.

And that it does! I’ve only watch the first of eight episodes but the show is an anthology of sorts with each episode following a different story. Unlike something like Black Mirror though it appears that all the ‘tales from the Loop’ are set in the same rough place and time and may have some connective tissue between them.

The first episode had a Stranger Things vibe to it but more understated, quieter, more melodic. I really enjoyed it but I’m glad that other episodes will likely have differing tones. This is a cool idea for a world and I am interested in see what else can be told in it. I think fans of the middle to late seasons of Lost will enjoy this.

I always enjoyed thumbing through the art book when we had it in stock, but watching the show has me considering ordering it so I can go through it more. I think a lot of people are having that idea at the moment though as it’s completely out of stock on amazon.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I’ll be back tomorrow. I might do something fitness based...


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