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Election Day

People either really love democracy or really love free beer. Either way I’ve been usurped out of my usual writing spot!

Brewdog have bought back a nationwide campaign they’ve run a few times in the past; Vote Punk. It’s pretty simple, go and vote, snap a picture of yourself outside your polling station then head to any of their bars to claim a free pint of one of their headliners.

It’s cleaver marketing first and foremost but you know what, if it’s what gets someone to go and vote who wouldn’t have normally bothered then it’s alright in my book. And boy is it working! I’ve never seen the bar that busy on a non-weekend night before and from briefly chatting to the GM they’ve been like that since about five this afternoon. It looks great, but so many people are drinking for free, I was happy to see the amount of pizzas and other drinks being poured, they’re clearly doing well off it regardless of giving away so many freebies.

So I’ve head round the corner to another favourite bar of mine. It’s not as conducive to write in, which is probably the biggest reason I don’t pop in as often, but I do really like Beards & Boards. Beyond the fact that they have two dedicated Kona taps, a Beavertown tap, an Unity tap and a bunch of guests with an ever changing selection available, the fact that they’ve always got punk/rock music playing even when they don’t have someone playing on readily available turntables is super cool.

I’m dancing around the fact that it is Election Day here in the UK. It’s a big one too. They’re all big ones I guess but this one feels like it is carrying a lot of significance. I don’t have a whole lot of hope that it’ll go how I want it to go, especially in my notoriously blue constituency, but that doesn’t ever stop me going and casting my vote for what I believe in. Unfortunately the chances of my being able to post this before the polls close are slim, but I really hope you’ve been and voted today. Side note for any US readers who aren’t sure… out colours are swapped, the blues are the baddies over here, the reds are the good guys.

I think we’ll all be waking up to doom and gloom in the morning, but I can at least sleep somewhat easy knowing I did all I could to influence the outcome to something that wouldn’t fuck the country I’m stuck living in for the foreseeable.

I’ve ear marked tomorrows post as ‘fallout’ but if I think of something else to write about I will, though chances are I’ll just do a quick post and get back to watching the new season of the best show on tv… The Expanse.

Fuck Boris. Goodnight.

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