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Election Night

I’ve been trying not to think about it all day and have mostly done a pretty good job but it’s not that point in the evening where the time difference is catching up and things are starting to happen.

I’m wracked with anxiety about how it is going to go and knowing that we probably won’t have a result for at least a few days or weeks because there is a tyrant who has already declared that he doesn’t intend to give up office even if he clearly loses. A lunatic moron who’s entire campaign has been more about suppressing voters who don’t support him rather than trying to convince people he is the right choice.

Why do I give a shit I hear you say? Why does it matter, you’re British. That’s such naive logic. Like it or not, for better or worse, we in England and much of the western world, dances to the best of the United States tune and at the moment the DJ is a fucking twatwaffle.

I don’t think Biden was the best candidate for the state of the world, but I think he was the candidate with the best chance to win so in that regard I would support him fully if I were able to with anything more than words.

Right now, I’m going to sit back and watch Star Wars as the comparison of Biden to General Dodonna and Kamala Harris to Liea feels apt. One is older, in charge on paper, has respect among many and served with previous decent leaders. The other is a younger idealist and has the potential to be the real force for change.

Let’s me honest, I’ll take any excuse to watch Star Wars.


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