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Episode One

Full disclosure, I’m writing this the following morning from the date it’s makes as.

I say morning, but it’s eleven thirty already so it may be afternoon by the time this goes up. Goddamn, I need to get out bed and do something!

I’ve had back to back late nights though and they’ve taken their toll.

We recorded the first episode of our new podcast this evening! There was a couple of minor teething problems and general rustiness that comes with not having done this for a while but as far as first episodes go I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Any little errors or anything are easily buffed out in the edit and I think we’ll only improve and get more seamless with each subsequent episode.

After we recorded, Ed and I jumped into a video game and we’re talking for a few hours, on Saturday night we were both up late watching a live stream of three comedians we like trying to recite attack of the clones word for word without looking at the script.

It not only got our creative juices flowing for another possible project, but had us talking about Star Wars.

Ed then spent hours rewriting what would be his ideal version of the prequels and so tonight we spent a long time discussing all the pros and cons of the first two ‘films’ in his trilogy. I’m eagerly awaiting the third part and I’m trying to convince him to fully script them so we can do a proper table read.


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