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Every Second Accounted For

Updated: Mar 28

I didn’t have time to write anything before work today because I’ve had a really tight packed day. I needed an extra half an hour in bed this morning because I knew I was going to need to have a little more energy earlier than usual.

Much like yesterday I considered skimping on my workout to give myself a bit more time but, I guess my priorities really have shifted from relaxation to self betterment. I smashed through all of that without any pauses and then hopped straight in the shower.

As soon as I was done there I heated up a nice bowl of Huel Mexican chilli for lunch and ate while watching the first episode of Invincible again from the top so it was fresh in my mind.

Because we both currently work night shifts, Ralph is in Anaheim, CA and I’m in Southampton, UK and we’re in the week between time changes, we had a small window of time before I started work and after he was out of bed at seven thirty in the morning to be able to record. I was shitting fizbee’s briefly when about half an hour before we were due to record my wifi decided to have a moment and stop working, but luckily I restarted the router and everything was fine.

I literally finished up the episode, fired up my computers and we did our first full episode of INVINCIPOD.

It went great and can’t wait for it to be released on Monday. As the show premiered its first three episodes yesterday we’re recording the next two on Tuesday so we can have them all out before the new one releases on Friday.

It’s pretty hectic trying to schedule everything, especially when you have time zones to deal with as well, but I am absolutely loving doing it. It never feels stressful trying to organise any of this stuff at the moment because I’m doing things that I love.

I should have a little more time to relax and write tomorrow afternoon so come back then and see what I have to say! We’re like, ten days away from finishing this, holy shit!


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