• James Hewlett

Everybody Is Struggling

I think anyone who has been going through this lockdown and not struggled with it at some point or another is either a sociopath or is lying to themselves.

We’ve all had good days and bad and it is important to acknowledge them both and not get caught into thinking that one is the standard and the other the exception.

On the best of days I know I’ve thought, oh this is fine! I can get up when I want do anything at my own pace and on my own schedule and I can chose how and when I want to socialise with the many means of technology we have available.

On the worst of days though the opposite has felt very true, I’ve felt trapped, extremely lonely, lost, aimless, lazy, unhealthy and... bored isn’t the right word, my mind is always too active to be bored but the lethargy that people often attribute to boredom.

I’m counting myself lucky that for the vast majority of time I’ve sat comfortably in the middle. I’ve been alright, I’ve been getting by and doing what I can with the understanding that this is absolutely the best thing we can all be doing right now and that even though things won’t be the same as before they won’t be like this for ever either.

The times they are a changing.

For me personally one of the ways I’ve been able to keep that feeling together is by helping out friends where I can. It’s given me some purpose.

That help can come in many different forms and I’m not saying that it is the right thing to do for everyone and even if it is, it may look totally different to the ways I’ve been helping, but it’s worth thinking about.

Think about the times you’ve struggled with all this, I bet someone you care about has had a bad day like that too. I implore you to send a message, give them a call or what ever, however you would normally communicate with them. Everyone is thinking about family, parents and grandparents especially, but think about your friends too. Just because they are your generation, maybe have plenty of other people they’re locked down with, maybe have been happily single before all this, they’re probably struggling just as much. You might not be able to anything to help either, but that’s okay, I’m sure the acknowledgement will be appreciated. It’s a way of saying and hearing in return; “yup, this blows, I am not enjoying it and I can’t wait for it to end.”

We can all relate to that and hearing it from a friend is never bad.

But please remember the sunscreen stay the fuck home.


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