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Extra Life 2019

So this weekend I’ve ended up going with the more solo of my potential plans due to various illness issues with friends.

I feel like I’ve worried a lot of friends and family this week as a lot of people have been asking how I am. I’m alright though. I’m not going to lie and say everything is rainbows and lollipops, but if there was any real issues or things that I thought I could do with some help dealing with I’d have let relevant people know about it.

I’ve been chatting with my best friend Sam a bunch, she’s had my back for longer than anyone I’m not related to by blood and her and her husband James are the best. I’ve been telling them to read the Scott Pilgrim comics for years and last night decided, fuck it, I’m just going to send them the series as I found a box set super cheap on amazon. The only problem is that I was half cut at the time so I left the delivery address as my house, not theirs in Kent so this morning when it arrived my random act of kindness turned out to be slightly flubbed.

I’ve been watching Rooster Teeth’s twenty four hour live stream for Extra Life all afternoon and as I don’t have any other plans this weekend, intend of staying up all night with them and watching all the way through until tomorrow at two in the afternoon.

Extra Life is a charity that was started to help fund children’s hospitals in the states and has since extended to be a global effort. RT have become one of, if not THE, biggest contributors to the effort and watching their live stream event has been one of the highlights of the fall for me for the past few years.

At times I’ve been dual screening it by keeping it going on my laptop while playing video games on the tv and at midnight I’m going to be watching the AEW wrestling PPV for a few hours while that’s on.

We started out watching those as a pretty decent sized group but that’s dwindled with subsequent events. I know Ed is excited about it but most of the gang has other commitments tonight so it’ll just be me, myself and I. I’m honestly okay with that though. I don’t need to keep my hosting head on and am just do my thing as I want. It’s pretty cool.

If you want to help out a great cause head over to donate.roosterteeth.com even if you’re reading this way after it is originally posted!

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