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Extra Life 2020

I’ve been feeling pretty crap today. I’m sure it will pass but it’s just one of those things.

After working out this morning I’ve spent the rest of the day in pyjama pants and an old t-shirt mostly watching tv and playing video games.

At four this afternoon Rooster Teeth’s annual Extra Life stream began and I’ve had that on since then.

I’ve written about this charity event every year that I’ve been doing this as it is something I look forward to each year. It normally runs for twenty four hours and features a rotating group of people from the greater RT family in and out of the studio throughout the day and night. This year due to safety restrictions they’ve opted to only do a twelve hour event though they’ve also been running things all week long.

The in studio stuff has been kept to a minimum with only a few people there who were all covid tested priory and have a safety compliance crew present keeping everything sanitised and protected. Everyone else is working from home and being live-linked in.

It’s definitely a different and somewhat more subdued feeling event compared to usual but despite that, at about hour seven they’ve still managed to raise nearly half a million dollars before even taking into account the mercy sales that get added at the end.

There’s something about seeing the love and care that Jack, Cati and Chad pour into running the stream each year as well as everyone who contributes. It’s amazing and all goes to such a lovely cause.

I’m gutted that I won’t be awake to watch the end this year as it’ll be the early hours of the morning for me, that’s always a nice emotional moment, but I’ve enjoyed watching for w while this afternoon and evening.

Hopefully I’m feeling a bit perkier tomorrow, but hey, that’s life.


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