• James Hewlett

Fake Doctors Real Friends

Apologies if I’ve written about this already, I can’t remember if have but either way, it’s worth bringing up again.

I really enjoyed the show Scrubs, I remember seeing the ads for it and watching from the first episode onward through its entire run.

It was then always one of those shows I would just have on rotation and I must have gone through it in full at least three or four times. Definitely at least once in every relationship I’ve had that’s lasted long enough to do that.

It was an easy watching, funny show that could be background noise, something to fall asleep to and also at times deeply invested in as it took moments to be very serious.

I genuinely believe it is less like the sitcoms of the decade prior like Friends and much more akin to something like M*A*S*H and not just because of the medical setting. Both shows are definitely comedies, but they’re shot like movies and aren’t afraid to tell real stories with emotionally wrenching or poignant when the time comes.

I used to watch the show fairly regularly but I haven’t been able to bring myself to watching an episode since the night I found out my ex wife was having an affair. It was what we had on at the time and it kind of ruined it for me.

For a long time I was annoyed that the show was always going to have that taint on it but earlier this year, two of the leads from the show Zach Braff and Donald Faison started a rewatch podcast where they’re going back over all the old episodes. They obviously have a leg up on our Boy Meets World podcast as they were actually on the show and it appears that the camaraderie the cast all seemed to have with each other was very real as many of them guest on episodes of the podcast.

I’m really enjoying revisiting the show again, not by watching it but by essentially getting an hour and a half commentary from two people who met and became best friends on the show itself. The only problem I have is that they release two episodes a week and I’ve not been able to keep up. I’ve resigned myself to just listening at my own pace though so it is more like when I would binge the dvd box sets instead of watching the show each week.

At least with this I don’t wake up to a menu screen hearing a loop of, “I can’t do this all by myself, no I’m no, I’m no Superman.”

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