• James Hewlett


Welp. That went about as shittily as I expected. At least this time I’m not looking at a country about to free fall, we’re already nose diving, this will just mean there’s no chance of pulling up or even a parachute to some level of safety. So who gives a fuck if our health system is destroyed, trade with the rest of the world becomes a super expensive ball ache and we’re led by a racist, self righteous cunt who couldn’t govern his way into a barber shop?! Apparently most of the voting public don’t... but hey, at least he’s not a terrorist right? Give me a fucking break.

Some good tv today though. Maybe my favourite episode of The Mandalorian yet.

I cooked a delicious meal this evening too.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to watch my favourite shows new season that just dropped on prime today. According to The Expanse, set two hundred or so years in our future, the political climate is just as fucked but on a much bigger scale... but that’s fiction.

I’ll be back tomorrow without any real life political opinions, because tilting at windmills is exhausting.

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