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Family Catch Up

I went for a lovely meal and catch up with my mum and Paul this evening, it’s Paul’s birthday on Saturday and they’re as busy as I am over the weekend so this was the best opportunity.

They bounce from favourite place to favourite place and their current haunt is really nice!

Since getting home I’ve pretty much just read comics and watched the final episode of Star Wars Resistance. I’m starting to mentally plan out my Super Bowl weekend and what I need to do when. Tomorrow evening is mostly prep work and a trip to Costco. If I’ve got time I may be able to knock out that bit more insightful blog post I teased earlier in the week but it may also get pushed to next week.

I was about to make a really obscure, Austin only, reference type joke but I then realised I am literally the only person who will get it and think it’s funny. Ah fuck it, future me will chuckle.

I’m going to H-E-B, want me to pick anything up?

Todays picture was from earlier in the day and I'm only grimacing at the weather... although looking at it now maybe I should have been more concerned about the horror movie killer approaching in my mirror!

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